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You are gay for trying to be a fucking bitch to this person.

Besides, all she asked for was if the OLD (original lust doll) was available on android bro get a life and stop tryna fuck with others in this community.

thx for sticking up for me you're a really nice guy/girl and I'm glad you were around to be one of the few nontoxic people that have talked to me 

I'm actually Lesbian, and your welcome, anytime!

Same although I've been using gay a lot and a lot of peeps think I'm a guy because of it lol

Well i cant lie, that does sound like a guy saying that.

fair enough I'm a tomboy so if you can't see me or hear my voice most people default to thinking I'm male


you clearly don't believe me but I guess you can think what you want the bottom line is that you're a good person for helping me out and I thank you despite your views on my gender

No I do, believe you, its just ehhh idk I'm just not much in a mood to type much, so i just use some easier ways to agree to stuff.

also, rn I'm helping a guy who's   stuck on Linda's route, Feel free to post anything on the topic.

oh well now I feel stupid 

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What idiot goes and shitposts on a 2-week old post that nobody gives a fuck about now?

Silly me, oh thats right, idiots like you do.

Have fun

you say that yet here you are

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like following that logic what kind of idiot starts shit posting someone who hasn't interacted with them in like a week oh wait losers like you 

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also why are you on here you look identical to the girl who was in my little brothers middle school and he's a freshman rn so considering the identical features  and the fact that you have the same name and same preferred nickname plus you talk like her and you're a Goth bitch with daddy issues just like her you should probably stay off of NSFW games because you're in ninth grade okay izzy

like fr you have the same lip piercing that she did and you even wear the same choker plus you have slightly buck teeth like her not to mention that looking at your comment history which is only fair since you all looked at mine to find me you're being toxic lately too so now who's the troll you ninth grade pretending to have depression saying that you were raped and have a kid when you didn't can't keep a boyfriend looking bitch

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Looks like u have a fan, Izzy

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I mean if she is who I think she is then we both have at least one thing we agree on that being that my brother is a giant perv I mean fr he got busted three times for sexual harassment 

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if you want to sit here for 2 hours and troll my profile like an idiot bitch and with your little faggot lick-a-dick klik with that other bitch, who just got their ass kicked in over on the other board, be my guest.
no one cares

gladly thx for the invite Izzy so quick question did you actually end up showing your tits to my little brother like the whore you are or did he get in trouble with no pay off whatsoever and btw I'm lesbian I lick pussy not dick 

also it's *clique