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I played this demo almost immediately. I've played your other games - Red String of Fate and Airis and loved both of them. So far, I love this one too! Aside from the fact that I love the Victorian setting, the artwork is lovely, and I like how when the choices come up, it seems like it's important for you to pick an option that'll actually have a possible consquence on the story, and not just simply change the dialogue a bit like a lot of otome games do. I know I'd  definately buy this game once it's finished! So far, I'd have to say Julius is probably my favourite - he's got a lot of sides to him that I want to see, and a close second would be August. Anyway, keep up  the good work! :)

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Hello there! Thank you very much for playing the demo and leaving a comment! We're very happy to hear you like our games! :D

Aww yus! We put in a lot of effort into the choices to make them seem meaningful and important ^_^ While in the full game, there will admittedly be some dialogue choices that will change how a conversation goes, most choices will have consequences, even aforementioned choices that change dialogue: some just take a while before you see the full consequences of your actions (e.g. chose to befriend and be nice to a side character? Maybe they'll help you later on down the road when you need it.)

:D Glad to hear you like Julius! Our friends tend to prefer Seth and August, so poor Julius has been unloved until now LOL

Thank you for your kind words and vote of confidence! We'll try to make the game as great as possible! :)