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First off - love your game.  I have a spot for lewd RPGs and yours hit the spot.  Plenty of depth and lewd things.

The only issue I've encountered with your latest version is that in one place, after walking in range of a tentacle trap, after it let me go, I walked back into the trap tile manually and couldn't walk out of it in any direction.  Was stuck in one spot.  If you need the specific location, I can go back and try to replicate the issue.

Thanks for your hard work!

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

As for the bug, yeah, some kind of screenshot of the location would be a big help if it's not too much trouble. Same goes for if you can replicate the issue. I'll try to get it to happen on my own as well.

I managed to replicate it in the same spot as before, unsure if this can be done anywhere else.  If I hold down the directional key to walk back into the tentacle trap tile manually, occasionally the player character will walk into that panel and will become stuck.

Bug Screenshot

Thanks a ton for taking the time to do this, I'll look into fixing it!

No problem at all.  One other minor thing I just noticed was a small typo.

When you encounter these monsters, the text displayed is "The enemy approaches you calmyand I imagine it is supposed to be "calmly".

Again, very minor.  Just wanted to point it out.  Take care.