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Hello, I am back again. I'm just wondering if you can make performance updates in the next build or two.

May I ask what kind of performance updates? I'm always trying to improve the performance, but if there is some specific areas that you noticed, It'd help to know.

There are some tips you can do to make SsC2 less demanding:

In the settings file:

  • Change "combatLighting" to false.
  • Lower "bumpStrength" to 0.
  • Lower "maxEffectsCount" and "maxEffectsCountHardLimit" to a lower number, the first is a soft limit where it will start to cull older particles faster, and the second is a hard limit that will remove the oldest particles over this number.
  • Change "particleShader" to false, this and the "maxEffect"'s settings will give you the biggest improvement in performance.

Those are the probably the best settings to change for increasing performance. Another tip would be to limit the size of  your fleet, since SsC2 will try to match your fleet in strength, which can cause a massive battle of ships. I try to keep my fleet to ~20 ships, on my nine-year old Q9550.