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Demo  is  waaay too short  and zombies maybe  too many  for the first day?

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If you want to play longer, just buy the full game ;-) Concerning zombies for the first day : in some previous alpha versions, some players said the game was a bit boring because they don't understand that the first day is dedicaded to establish your defense strategy, so there's many more zombies now. But maybe, you're right and this amount needs to be asjusted a little bit. I'll wait for other comments to confirm that. Anyway, thanks for your interesting !

Why have a demo if you cant test it? I wont buy it if it looks like it s impossible to beat. I have to work with 12 ammo on the first day, and there either is no second day in the demo, or I always die (Because even if you manage to gather some ammo, its not enough with the hordes of zombies). Doesnt feel very thought through tbh.

Because this a 3D game with many calculations (the behavior of each survivor and zombie is automaticly and individualy managed by the game), the demo is mainly used to test the game performances on your system before buying it. Anyway, I'm really surprised that you only have 12 ammo ! In the normal mode, you always have more than 80 ammo to begin (between 80 and 100 ammo to be more precise.)...