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This could be a very fun game, especially concidering that the graphics look amazing, but as it stands, it's just annoying. The gameplay has four fatal flaws:

1.The screen scrolls very slowly, and sometimes there's not much ammo on the ground, forcing player in the situations when there's nothing you can do to fight the quickly approaching enemy. Also, if the gameplay is supposed to be basic arcade action, why making it slow, shouldn't arcade gameplay be fast and adrenaline pumping?;

2.The necessity to face up when picking up the items. Why can't the character face up automatically? I mean, what's the point of throwing items down when the enemy is always up? Maybe in later stanges there's enemies down there, but I honestly couldn't play that far to see;

3.When tripping over, 90% of the time it's game over, due to how slowly the character gets up (I know you're supposed to quickly mash the buttons, but it's still too slow);

4.The enemies are moving way too fast sometimes, even the first one. It seems challenging, but even if the other three flaws weren't present, it feels like the game starts off waaaay too difficult, and then gets ridiculously difficult.