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Love the aesthetics and the gameplay. It's like encapsulating the finale of a slasher movie/survival horror game where the protagonists is throwing stuff at the invincible enemy just to gain time to escape, but translated to an arcade setting and adding some trippy psychedelic flair. Wouldn't be out of place in a weird horror marathon next to stuff like Momoko 120%.

I wish it was a bit longer, I get the feeling you could milk the formula with an extended story and a couple more nights. And sometimes I felt that I was at the mercy of the randomized elements. 

On the upside, what's here it's pretty good and the 4th night is mental in how you must use every mechanic of the game to gain distance. Gets really intense and very demanding on how you strategize movement and timing. More popular horror games wish had a finale this mechanically tense.

Good stuff. Wouldn't have minded to pay a little bit more to get a a more fledged out game, but for 2 bucks I got my money's worth. Keep it up homie. 👍