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Got more questions.

1) Do prey and smaller predators (foxes, cats, etc) have a beast/animal form? Or is it only available for apex (top of the food chain) predators?

2) Does Treat and/or Trick know how go into their beast/animal state?

3) Is there going to be information about the history between humanity(non-magical humans included) and the animal-folk?

4) List the top 10 strongest/most successful creatures. (Not including witches, demons, angels,gods, or any other mythological creatures)

(I'm also guessing that Treat is around 24-26 years old)

1+2. yeah all animal folk can do it whenever they feel like it really, it's just inconvenient more often than not so they generally don't.

3. probably, but it's not the focus of the story

4. i'm cutting you off NO MORE QUESTIONS hahaha