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Hi. This log doesn't have anything good in it because of another bug. I have updated the game to fix this. It will not run still but at least we can actually troubleshoot it.

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OK, ran again and updated to build 80, got a suspiciously similar exception though:

I accidentally uploaded the wrong binary. Now I probably uploaded the correct one. Maybe now we will get a legit stack.

I got the "The game crashed and cannot recover. Do you want to send an error report?" dialog this time. But when I closed the  "Once you close this message, your clipboard will be set to the error report text" dialog, my clipboard didn't actually contain any error report text. Hopefully that error report text is just the logs? Which are here:


Nah, the error report is some other thing. Clipboard thing is funny. Anyway, I received the report because you presumably hit the yes button for the send question. I will have oddwarg investigate the cause of the crash.

OK. From the stack trace, it appears you are missing a native dependency:
I do not know what that is. It seems like you are running an interesting version of linux so maybe you know what that is.
I wouldn't be surprised if you are missing other native dependencies. I added a crude message that is displayed when this kind of error is detected. Good luck?