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Apparently I have the latest version of java installed because I was able to play it with no problem!
The graphics and the music were really well done. I wasn't sure if I was doing something wrong but the 4th wall break about accidentally spawning "inside the walls" (in the rat den) was pretty hilarious! I must admit that was the easiest battle I've ever fought ;) I have to say you have a very unique artstyle and you have a great sense of humor (I also liked the shopkeeper conversation about bout not actually having anything to sell, it was a good laugh)  I have to say (coming from an avid RPG Maker fan) it would be incredible to see what you could create with it (having RPG Maker as a foundation for the basic programming and injecting all of your fully custom awesomely interesting graphics and music) I think you would have something really special. Overall, it was a really fun experience for what it was! Most of all, it is obvious that you are definitely talented!! Keep up the good work :)