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Some problems I had with the game:

-for a fast paced game where you die a lot the crates take way too long to open.

-I feel like drones and the foxes take too long to kill.

-sometimes drones come in groups which I feel is unfair for the beginning of the game.

-no downwards attack which I feel would be very useful.

-proc gen often spawns ledges that can make wall jumping more finicky.

-to add on the proc gen doesn't seem to emphasize fast paced movement with all the ledges. Maybe make more opportunities for continuous wall jumping.

-I feel like the game would benefit a lot by adding a dash option.

Good Things:

-You are on the right track in regards to melee combat. Its fun to smash an enemy with a baseball bat.

-graphics are pretty nice

Overall, this is a great base. Looking forward to the next demo.