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super fun, play the game, stop reading this if you haven't played it yet.

- really cool art style, heard about the supermarket game as well, looks dope
  - creepy vibes from the enemies, but thank you for no jumpscares
- fun gameplay, simple yet challenging.

- very rng-based as agropequarium and 730 said; enemies' movement speeds can be unfair at times, but I guess that's the point when you're facing an inhuman enemy like that.
- no form of saving or level-unlocking is a bit bleh, I returned to menu before the last fight and then got stuck on the second fight for a bit longer than I liked but that's okay.

- kinda hope i didn't miss any secrets, kinda just walked out the door after talking to boss
- is the shaq-a-chino a reference to the shaq-a-roni or is that a coincidence for the rest of his endorsements

- the last fight was really cool, took me a bit to understand the strategy, worth the build-up

thank u for game


mhmm, no secrets but I think I might add a 5th side boss in a bit. Idk what's up with the no saving, shit should auto save after clearing a level, I'll look into it for sure, thanks broh