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the fights get rather annoying after the first one, it's like whether you die or not is dependent on RNG for the placement of items and holes/water spots, does manage to make you tense the further you get into a level though for this exact reason, but still frustrating.

very cool enemy designs (and colors and animations and effects?), pretty spooky although the game itself doesn't evoke fear at all (which i guess is the point).

other than that, nice aesthetic and use of filters, good juicing on the sfx etc, nice dialogue although i feel 90% of it is references to other shit and i'm not getting any of them (just found out after beating the game that the title references a song lol).

i liked the sudden "loop" at the end, that was a very nice touch. kino, as one might say.

waiting for hacky slashy supermarket game or whatever


much thanks brother