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great stuff, just wanted to mention for future buyers, that this is 1 male and 1 female voice actor, so you can use this for your main character only mostly.(I thought it would be multiple voice actors for different characters in my game) Both of the voice actors sound fairly young maybe in their 20s-30s i'm not sure. This is why i prefer to look at samples before buying.

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That's why we provide samples and file list for every of our sound packs. Just want to point out that I'll be including more actors in upcoming updates.
Thanks for the purchase and the comment!

You are right, i missed it, sometimes there's a youtube video on the right and the absence of it made me think there's no sample.
I should've read more carefully, but I like what I got anyway, I'll leave my comment up maybe someone else misses it too.

That's totally fine! I actually added a you tube video preview in the asset page to make it easier.