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Very interesting game you have made here! The Mega Man vibe is real and that is a positive.I was interested in the "you made a new friend" text but then became even more so when I discovered there was a whole database dedicated to them. And from the looks of it a fairly extensive one at that! Some things I noticed:

1) Using the laser weapon seems to only hit the first enemy in a group of large creatures (big slimes etc) even though it looks to be piercing through everything. On smaller groups it is apparent that everything is taking damage.
2) I was able to just run forward and keep my finger on the fire button and kill almost half of the enemies before I even saw them.
3) The camera only starts following after you have crossed the midway point of the screen by a bit. This leads to you being able to see behind you more than you can see in front. I think if you reverse this it will enhance the gaming experience.

Overall it is a great start!