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A billion thanks for this very thorough review! I'm glad you liked the collection :)

VIOLENCE/SEX/POOP is indeed a sort of study in excess, written at a time where some French RPG players expressed fake outrage at the idea of the X-Card and emotional safety in games. As such, its scribbly font participates to the experience...

In Robonimals, you do get your tokens back after resolving the action, though you're right I should have specified this.

For The Seal Will Be Broken, I must admit I forgot how it works exactly. Rereading it, I'd say the communal pool only refills during group scenes, by getting successes to keep the Old God asleep. This is a game about slowly losing, after all!

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Just because you may think X-Cards are a good idea, doesn't mean everyone does and doesn't make their outrage fake.  The X-Card exists precisely because different people have different opinions.  The inevitable result of that, is that some people won't like the X-Card.  I don't personally care one way or the other about the X-Card, but it struck me as unfair to label their outrage fake.