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will you put it on Steam? Besides what makes it good is the absurd degeneration around with a very serious tone, because this stuff exists in real life, and it's all distributed around one place. I don't even know what to compare it to...  Mr.Pickle, South Park and Postal? Anyway, I'm starting a plan to a make a game myself... at least I'll have something to do in the free time besides watching that drug of youtube

I have no plans to put it on Steam. This is only the second game I've made and while I've learned a lot and have become quite proud of what Cookies has shaped into, I still don't feel like I'm at the level where I can put out a polished piece of work on a more "established" platform. So, the full version will be free, just like the demo (making the $100 paywall to put it on Steam a bit of a detractor). 

I'm happy you pointed out the degenerate aspect to the game's settings and character's. I was heavily inspired by Hotline Miami, Manhunt, Condemned: Criminal Origins and Postal's depictions of the underbellies of society, and put great effort into capturing that with Cookies. 

Lastly, good luck with your game and its planning!