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that was..... quite the weird game i must say.

there was not much about sounds and graphics, but the game was kind of around the theme, and it had a bit off innovation.

however i as a person dislike games where you basically.... have to die, in order to find out what to do next, you could have given indications, added small puzzles, done some things like that. actually given the player a choice whether to sacrifice his friends or not, also the movement could have been worked on.

so its just, not my taste, also, i do admit you caught me by surprise and gave me a good smile, that was good :) you had some out side of the box kind of thinking which is good, it was a one well thoughtout level, maybe if it had more levels and adventures the game would have been a lot better.

last words, the controls and movement where......still in need of massive work.

good job overall i hope to see more of you in Zanga#7