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@warmonger Yeah I tried to leave a response this morning and it disappeared! Apparently there's a character limit for comments that if exceeded it just throws away your message!

I totally meant to have it draw in the different color for that level, I could upload a fixed version, but I'd be too tempted to add a new feature. Last night I realized a perfect match for the ice would be mud tiles that slow you while you're on them. Would hurt your time, but would be a way to let you adjust your timing for dealing with the fireballs in the last two levels!

The explosion was a holdover from a version of game over before the timer was a mechanic, but also all the runners / interns are androids. So every time you die, a new one has caught up to the last checkpoint, and you run past the smouldering ruins of the last intern.

Surprise, it's also kinda dystopian future. The last level is in the design titled "Level 4: The Los Angeles Unstable Tectonic Zone and Convention Center."