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I found a bit of a workaround forthat. You will need to copy the files folder from the Android/Data/com.hellgames.Champion folder, if you have saved data, then put it somewhere you'll find it easily. From there, you'll need to delete the app (hence why I said to copy that folder; it has your save data in it, because when you delete stuff on android, it'll delete the save data as well, unlike Windows). After that, install Champion from the APK, and then open it at least once. You might not even need to start a new file. After that, kill the app from your process list, and check to make sure the folder I mentioned earlier on in this comment is there. If it is, great, just copy that "files" folder you backed up back into the Champion folder, replacing the folder already there. From there, you should be able to play from your last save.

To reiterate, here's the steps:

1) Go to the files app on your android device.

2) From there, open up Android/data/com.hellgames.champion, and copy the files folder from that location to somewhere you'll find it again.

3) Delete the old version of Champion, and reinstall from the APK.

4) Once that's done, open the app, and get to the title screen at the very least. 

4a) Just in case, go back to your files app, and check that data folder for the com.hellgames.champion folder.if it's there, great, just kill the kill the app, and proceed to the next numerical step.

4b) If the folder isn't there, start a new game, and the first chance you get, save the game. I'm not certain how the save system works on Android, having never owned one until last month, hence why I'm including this just in case.

5) When you see the folder is Champion folder is there, Copy that Files folder you copied earlier in the steps to the Champion folder, replacing the existing "files" folder.

6) Profit? I guess? If you followed all those steps, you should still have your save files available to you. This has worked for me so far.

Hopefully that was helpful. And that it wasn't too wordy for you.