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Was a really good horror game! It literally had me sweating and at the edge of my seat, especially the last chase towards the lamp post. I would say the game is pretty much perfect except for two things; 

One is that the first jumpscare of the glitch monster is that he doesn't chase you or do anything other than just appear. I might have played an un updated version, but he just stands there until you pass him by. Maybe make him  chase you into the other street and then make your way home. 

The other thing would be the very last jumpscare of Mieri san; she was never used a lot before other than the painting. My suggestion would be to instead of the glitch monster, replace it with Mieri san herself and the ending would seem wholesome.

Other than those two, I think the game was amazing! You've learnt from your previous games and made another one that is better than the last! The glitch effect was great, the ambience and environment was absolutely spot on and the small spooks with the objects in the house was great! The depth you went to make the brother's and the players room was also great and the small jumpscares of Mieri san inside the house had great build ups and was very spooky.

All in all, a really great game!