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  • Don't include the .pdb file when you upload. I made this mistake too.
  • You acknowledged the graphics are placeholders, so I'll judge this based on gameplay.
  • When reviewing jam games, there is a metagame where you try to learn about the edges of the game you're reviewing. That's always fun, but playing the game on its own terms, is not always.
  • There is a symmetry between your bullets and the enemy ships in terms of speed and spacing on the screen.
  • The red particles are subtle.
  • Is there a boss, or just endless waves of enemies?
  • When you're firing at a line of enemies, it can be unclear whether you killed an enemy or it hit you. This is pretty bad.
  • Is advancement tied to the score? When I was in one of the safe spots, the same enemy patterns spawn again and again, unless I start killing them.
  • Enemies react to a bullet hitting them even if it doesn't kill. Flashing to white or red would do.