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hello there! i've recently found this game and i found it to be very cute so far✨

i'm just wondering if i'm stuck or if the game ends there for now, nothing really happens after the main character posts their rp character on terranova. Was something suppose to happen or did I miss a prompt for the game to continue?

There's more game ahead--it's possible you missed a prompt somewhere, but I think it's more likely you ran into a programming bug  :O.  We'll look into it some more this week.

Thanks for checking out the game :)


Hi again! Just wanted to follow up on this. I can confirm that there was a bug in the game, and I also uploaded a new build of the game with a fix for it. When you're ready to play more, give the new build a try :)

Thanks again for reporting in! Your feedback has helped us make a better game 🌈