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I played up until I had free reign to walk around the town, and then I couldn't figure out what to do. It felt like the dialogue was pointing me to the adventurer's guild, but Biscuit would not talk to me over the counter. It's a shame, because you already have a fleshed out pause menu and quest log. Instead of having the mayor show you around all at once, maybe have him give you a quest like "go meet the blacksmith" or something. 

I really like the town and the fact that the NPCs have their own schedule, that's pretty cool- but maybe parts of the town should be inaccessible until the player has done the basics first (I assume you're meant to collect some items in a dungeon and craft them into sellable items).

The music is catchy and the art style is nice, you just need to get the player into the actual meat of the gameplay faster!

Also, the player needs to be able to interact with stuff within a pretty generous field around them- right now you have to perfectly align your face with the npc's body, or herb, etc. to speak/pick up/interact.