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Rebels & Renegades is a 1 page, Lasers & Feelings style two-stat game with a phenomenal, bombastic layout and some visible Persona 5 influences in the setting and art.

The game does a really good job communicating how you're supposed to play it (Blades In The Dark seems to be an influence, and it's got a very fail-forward style,) but you might need to read the page twice, since it expects you to start on the right, then read the left, with GMs reading the middle.

Setting-wise, very little is provided (it's only one page,) but it's clear that you're supposed to do a heist, it's supposed to be high-tempo, and you're supposed to succeed.

The GM will have to do a little bit of legwork coming up with the backdrop for the game, but you could use R&R with any other heist-game setting and get a solid, flavorful one-shot.

Overall, I would recommend this to anyone that liked Persona 5, or anyone who wants to pick up a super simple-to-learn action-movie heist game and run a one-shot or intro game with it.