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First I would like to thank you for joining my jam!

Second I wanna give some feedback. It was really fun to play, and i found the story intruiging, but I found it a bit easy (Which is normally good) and im fine with that but i think you could have made it a bit harder.  And I found a glitch. When you die you cannot respawn. You have to close out the game then go back in. Which made me notice the game was savable. Also the color pallate was a bit bright. So all in all i really liked it and i hope you continue the project. If you do then send me a DM, cuz I wanna play it.


Thank you very much for the feedback , i know the story is a bit easy , but i thought it would be too overwhelming to start the game on a 20 minutes long story when i noticed most people (who played the game) skipped the cutscene at the beginning.
And yes i plan on continuing the game ! So stay tuned :D

Okay! Good luck!