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Odd no one has left any good remarks for this developer.The Vn are ahead by leaps and bounds of the rest. Nice to have a voice that matches the MC in game too! Nice drawings, not more of the same old same old. My only suggestion would be to maybe get a proof reader. The stories feel good  but do not pull you in like the rest of the artistic mood you create with the high quality drawings. No doubt, going to go big if you keep your drive going. Good luck, enjoyed and will contribute to assist in your climb.

Hey, thank you. It’s great to have some feedback. Cindy was too complex. I am working on the silly Casting Agents now, it’s free and I’ll update when I have some spare time 😇

I know you are, as I just finished the first round of Casting Agents. You got really great concept and talent. Send me a message if you ever are looking for  a part time hand on your stories with he text I enjoy what you are doing and hope you keep that fire going. Looking forward to your continuations on the stories. Best of Luck! 

hey, I can’t seem to find a message button on itch 😅

Can you send a message or drop me an email at 

thanks 🙏