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wait i just came back to see if it progressed and realized this note of the hate video that came out? guys???? what is this? i searched on youtube but apparently there's none, could someone clarify this to me and maybe send me the video? 

edit: i saw the video, im very sorry for it. we all understand that the sprites are the draw style of the artist. dont worry, nobody thinks that the game is bad - if we did nobody would be following the development of it.

about the lines being creepy: dont take it seriously. he first says that the characters are creepy and sexually harasses/assaults us and literally the next video is "i love yanderes", nothing less than a girl who kills others to be with the one she loves, showing how he thinks that its not okay for the dude being flirty but the girl is okay killing people. its hypocrisy. anyways, i hope it didnt hurt you badly! sending love <33


This was a while back, I was really hurt at the time and cried a bit, but now I don't really mind it. This is my first game ever, and I've never gotten a lot of hate for my other projects so it was pretty new to me. I didn't watch the video all the way (I felt too bad after the first minute) and my therapist didn't want me to anyway. But thank you so much for your support! I can't describe how much all these nice comments really make me feel better about everything. <3


its way better to not watch it tbh, im glad u didnt. its nice to see that u felt better after receiving our support, u deserve the best! <33