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1. Didn't think about that I will fix that for the next build

2. I will mess with the gravity scale a little to try and fix the floatiness. With the horizontal movement I made some improvements and I think what feels off to you is that fact that as soon as you stop pressing on the key the cube immediately stops. I did this on purpose to make the movement a little unique.

3. That's a good idea I will do that for the next build.

4. Agreed, this is still just a demo so I haven't spent a whole lot of time on the music. I plan is to add an instrument for each color that is added so the level 1 music will stay about the same but the others will have more to it.

5. Why not use Time.timescale = 0 for pausing? Do it cause problems for the game?

The game is a long way from being released on steam. This is just the demo, it will be much better when it's time to release it on steam and I am proud of what I have done.

Time.timescale = 0 doesn't break the game, but it would affect it if you decide to add  something like ui navigation using the keyboard. The way the game currently is, the most it could "mess up" is that you press the jump button and unpause. Now the character jumps because even if timescale is 0, your character can still receive inputs

Ok didn't know it can still receive inputs didn't really even think of that to be honest I will fix that.