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Beyond garbage is way too harsh but this does have severe control issues. The mouse turn sensitivity is through the roof (seemed fine on the menu screen) as I basically had to move the mouse the smallest amount possible to have anything resembling fine movement as what would be a slow turn in any other game of this type would cause me to spin wildly here. If pressing left or right (or in my case A or D) let me strafe it may have been easier to work around, but having them also turn (also a bit too quickly) didn't really offer much of a benefit. The larger concept you were going for here was fine enough, but the actual experience of going through it was kind of a pain sadly.

In the future if you were to make another game similar to this and wanted to stick with a similar control scheme I'd recommend tweaking the sensitivity and controls a good deal or at least including an option to adjust mouse or turn sensitivity on the player's end.

thanks for the feedback and suggestions. yeah seems like a problem with the control sensitivity a few people have had, I just didn't pick up on it as it was tailored to my set up I guess. Yeah have planned to implement some sensitivity controls, but since it's a hobby project it's about finding the time. hope one day you'll be able to play as intended!