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Playing in Windows 10 with a 1080p screen and the game starts in fullscreen. I couldn’t find a way to make it windowed. The game is low-res and extremely pixelated; I think it’s too harsh if this is the aesthetic you’re going for because of the Slender theme. If it was not intentional, then you’ll probably have to change the display resolution and/or make sure that the sprites are imported into Godot with “Filtering” unchecked.

This game also needs something different to make it stand out from the usual - a more unique twist to make it more engaging. Perhaps having more information to let players deduce the location of the ghost, or have tools to operate like a flashlight or camera, and mechanics that give a good reason for players to explore and collect the yellow stuff. Nevertheless, I did play the game, got jumpscared and ear-r*ped. Good job!

Thank you! I was still just learning the ropes of Godot, try out Housesitter! Much better and prettier survival horror.