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Hey! We made a little game that won "Best Narrative" at Norwegian game awards, so we decided to make it public! It's the first game we've ever made and we were limited to eight weeks, so feel free to throw all the critique at us that you can think of!

If you'd like to play it, you can find it here:

Is your game playable on windows?

Yes, it's browser based and works fine on windows! If you're looking for a windows specific build, we've had some issues with the export unfortunately.

How big is the browers game?


I mean the length of the game :) 

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Right, sorry! It's everything from 5-20 minutes for different people :) Some people just run through it as fast as they can, others stop to watch the memories and try to interpret their meaning. I think the experience is quite different for different people. I suggest you give it a whirl! 

I think the game is too short to review I am sorry.

No worries! If you happen to play it and want to leave just a comment, then feel free. Either way, have a great week!