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Well nice video, but here's something you probably didn't know:

-The game is broken and unfinished

The door to the back in the shop is supposed to have an post-game only door

A whole new fuckin level is missing (spaceship)

I didn't think to change the fire

Lava still has animation of the lightning

Didn't bother removing the soldiers or Bernie when in the ending

The maze is unfinished

-there are features you have missed

Achivements, you can see them by talking to the shopkeeper (bong bing)

Space trip cutscene that's supposed to unlock the new level

An empty house above the shop for post-game only (I should add an decorating tool for that)

The characters in the maze

You need to use the  hammer to open the door

-refrences you missed

Snink is gone: in the original mod version, Snick was there, but someone named piter said something about Snick when I showed of a screenshot of the source editted (current) version. I don't like piter, so I removed Snick.

Super Mario in real loife: SPAGHETTI! a meme of an kid saying that and then eating some pasta

The noid: an old advertising mascot from domino's

Pizza tower: it's my favourite game, so I put it in. It's also where Snick and the shop music is from. There's also an hidden noise in the maze.

I hope that's everything, I'm going to post an finished version soon probably. Maybe I should add an easy mode where you can't die? Or an checkpoint system?

Any ways thanks for coming to my tedtalk lol