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I don't know what your total plans are on this game, but I think it has a lot potential to grow big. For upgrades on the masklings and the attacking system I would like to see:

-Barracks to train soldiers (Like i posted in the other comment section. I think this would improve the game a lot because now, the only defense mechanism are the towers. 
Building further on this idea. I would implement the ability to attack/take over maskling camps. So a second settlement can be build like that. For this, the masklings need to build a city with the elements you have to build your city with. But I think this would make the game more entertaining. 

-Implementing big houses/appartments. In my game now, A wave of 300 immigrants strenghtened my city. So I have to build 300 houses which is a ton of work.
In addition to this, you can add a function where you hold shift en move your mouse where you want to place a series of buildings.

-A fast forward button would be handy when you just have to wait.

Hope I don't irritate you with all my enthousiasm about this game :)


 Barracks to train soldiers you say? Check out the new update, 1.2 adds just that.

I plan on adding some more advanced housing options soon, as well as giving a reason to have multiple settlements.

As for your enthusiasm, it doesn't bother me in the slightest, it's nice knowing that other people are as excited about Bronze Age as I am.