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hello, sorry to interfer it but after reading the whole thread, i remember of  a small well known fact among old devs team that i'm been reading or watch video: in devkit of each console gen, they tend to add one extra chip or other thing mainly used for debug like you tried to do there since a while. so, my suggestion is this:

why don't you create a dedicated dev chip for debugging part? once exported, the dev chip will be removed fully from the exported game :)

and also, check this wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/... it will give you some idea of how different these dev console kit are... :)

This is a good idea. That is sort of what the Game Creator does with the editor. It exposes a whole set of APIs that are not part of the final game. Over time I'll continue to flesh that out more so it will be easier to debug games.

i'm glad you like this idea, i'm looking forward it then! :D