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No screen shots yet that include chess, but, I do have this one. 

Looks very nice! What's the concept of this lovely little city? :)

Thanks! This game is my epic "Kyt Friendly" game, meant to give me all the things I've always wanted in a game, but others won't ever put into a game.  I like thinking over battling and questing over killing. I hope to figure out some mental challenges like in Lost Fountain, Forever Lost 1, Riddlord and Connect (a wire connection game). I'd do wire and water connection puzzles. OTOH, I also want to learn some foreign language phrases - Tourist level for now. I want to be able to collect cards, chess games and clothes and rearrange them. I want to be able to walk into any shop and buy, while conducting that purchase in whichever language amuses me at the moment. 

I also want to be able to collect pages for sudoku games that are playable, and collect flash cards to create a memory matching game with. I've not figured out how to do that bit yet. I'm thinking I'd have to 'fake' it by having the flash cards tied to a specific matching game whose code was already made. (I forget the code I'm using currently, and don't remember how specific it was.) My JS matching game doesn't work in MV because the URL is the issue.  I'm not good enough to create a AI for a proper chess game. But, I do want to create Chess themed sudoku games, as I love them! I have Mega Sudoku bundle and Chess Sudoku on my phone. :D :D There is so much I want to put in this game, including cooking and role playing, dream library where books can be rearranged. I did make a dream library, but I'm redoing it, because I can't rearrange the books. I came up with that idea after I made the initial dream library. Easy fix. I'm going to have the books face out instead of spine out to make it rearrangeable for real (otherwise too small to see). 

I intend to add in one element at a time. This epic game is being created such that I always have something I can play with the game as is.  I'll always be able to add in jaunting/teleporting, telepathy, telekinesis, traveling around the world, more puzzles and so on. I just have to be patient and create 1 puzzle thing at a time.  Easy! I've even figured out how to put in a Jigsaw puzzle. I'd use squares, but basically have it 'on your honour' to get rid of the 'checking to see if its correct' headache for coding. Less work. lol