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I just started it so not much to say bug wise.  I found a small text wrap error though in the beginning.  It is when it mentions the point system.  The last word in about the second paragraph,"Versions", is merged with "This is only" from the next line.

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Thanks for that.  It's only temporary anyways.  This version is more a test of some of the game mechanics, that's why it's version 0.0.1.  The official first version release will be 0.1, that's when bug testing will be needed in earnest and much appreciated.

lol I figured it would be a bit to early.  I am guessing Laura will have the start of her own path for 0.1?  Also, planning a custom sound track for the game in the future?

Laura will be a lot more involved in 0.1, plus we should meet some additional characters.  Co-workers, friends, and maybe even a stranger who intrigues Lily.  Right now I have music disabled, that will probably be worked in a little later, version 0.2 or 0.3, once I have the story more fleshed out and a bit more time to focus on fine tuning.  Right now I'm devoting as much free time as I can to content creation to flesh this out a lot more.