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Dear Oxo,

This game is really impressive! Normally, i go for sims but when i saw the model, it piqued my interest and i am glad i gave it a try. Most games i have played sometimes comes of rushed or feels cheap when delivering on its erotic promises. You play it once and then your done, or mid game you start looking for elsewhere. I mean, at its core... this is sex. Regardless if its porn, hentai, or an erotica, there is this level of deliverence thats polished and apealing to the kinks and horny side of all of us. Most hentai games don't deliver on that promise.

Poke abby looks professional, runs smoothly, and engaging enough to have me create an account here for nothing else than to give some feedback. So here goes...



Simply to good to not have more content. Add a few more ending scenes/sex posses. Blow job, masturbation, etc etc.


The player is a ghost/poltergeist. Give us the ability to mess with the environment. Knock some books down wich would get her bend over... or perhaps add an object thay can be used on her... in Short, interaction with the environment would be a second level of immersion wich also fits the narative.


This is a personal request. Make a mobile version. I would pay for this.

Final thoughts.


As much as i enjoyed poke abby, it feels incomplete. It feels that there could be more in your first game of the planned series. It feels immersive and i want to immerse myself into the world you are creating but there just isnt enough content to do so. I am not saying add a "blow job" button. I loved that i had to figure out how to get abby on her back. Its like playing a mini game to tease out an orgasm. Loved it. Now... i know what i am saying means more models to create, wich means more work and you are only one person. But, i do not think this should be free or that its worth 7$ and a bit more content would justify the 15$ from dlsite. So lets say 12$. The point is... this is a demo for a 25-30$ game.

I would buy this.

You have made a fan out of me this day and i eagerly await your next product.

Scincerely yours,



Thank you so much, Repairm3, for your feedback :) I love hearing back from the community and it is always nice to see someone so compelled by my work to write such a comprehensive comment!

I agree with you and I have felt that way about this project ever since moved away from it. The content has always felt slim for what it seemed to promise but when it came down to it, I had to wrap it up. The concept I had planed was intended to be simple but before long and after many community suggestions, I was cramming all kinds of extra content and features into it. It got to the point where the project was hard to work inside and the more I put in, the slower my workflow became. So instead of continuing to build on this project, I finalized it as best as I could.

I learned a lot from that project and I'll take all that knowledge and all of your feedback into my next game :)

Thanks again!

P.S. I love your thought about adding more interactions with the environment! That would have been a great layer of polish I never even considered :)