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I love asexual choices so much <3. As ace I really appreciate that we got several points when we can decide if go further, so everyone can enjoy steamy scene as long as they find it enjoyable. It is really something I see first time, that i do not have 'all or nothing' kind of choice, but I can end scene whenever I want. I was so excited with this resolution that I shared my excitation on my ace group :). They think it is great too:). As ace who like some kind of sexual action in fiction I felt validated :). Every ace (and allos too, some allos also avoid sexual content for some reasons) is different and it is so cool that you made something that nearly everyone can feel comfortable with <3


This makes us so happy! Some of our devs are ace so it's very important to us <3


hi there fellow ace~ yes, these choices are amazing, make me feel so comfortable! It's the same with their other VN, When The Night Comes. I love it so much! (although I don't mind all or nothing choices) It's just so amazing to see some representation