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Thank you very much! I appreciate the shout-out and first impression. It is funny that I actually appeared in the video, since my reply to your message showed up live as an alert, haha.

I also apologise that the itch io page said Version 4 at the time. I had some technical issues and lost Version 4 so had to revert to Version 3.5 temporarily (for about 2 hours) so that was funny timing... Unless you just downloaded 3.5 and then I updated to 4 later.

It was also fun to see the other two games! So many great indie devs out there. Thanks again!


I'm glad you enjoyed the video :) I'm happy I got the chance to play your game. Thanks for the hard work gone into making it and for sharing it out otherwise might not have heard of it.

Keep it up with the dev. You can achieve and go far with this project :)