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something tell me that out of range exception might be a bug from your new api, i tried everything and i even used your DrawSpriteDemo as a base and bring my spriteIDS i made with sprite builder in the place of fireball's SpriteIDs. it still said out of range.

i suppose it was because my sprites is larger than 8x8? since it's a 64x64 as sprite size.

In case anyone else is following the thread, I looked at the code you sent me and cleaned it up. The big thing you want to do is change the frame delay every time you reset the timer.

idleTime = idleTime + timeDelta
if(idleTime > idleDelay) then
    idleFrame = idleFrame + 1
    if(idleFrame > #idleFrames) then
         idleFrame = 1
    end     idleDelay = idleFrames[idleFrame].time
    idleTime = 0

Also, for the index errors, I double checked the drawing API and the issue looks like how you are formatting the tables. One thing that is not happening though are the error messages showing the correct line. I'll look into ways to make that clearer so you can debug it a bit easier.