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i think the gender thing is super amazing! but i think that this option of boy or girl should be added only when the sleepover arc asks for it. like, the whole game is gender neutral (without katsuki calling us "SHITTY WOMAN", put something like "YOU SHIT"), only needed to specify genders when it is necessary to go on the story. but i think trying to always make the player gender neutral its the best, to also include nb people and dont make them choose their sex

the adult part its totally good! i didnt understand how it would work tho. it will be like in the first scene to either get students' or pro heroes' route? im more excited about dabi's, aizawa's and hawk's, but shinsou's would be interesting too!

u said that u plan to complete the game in august, do u think u will do it or take longer? i super excited to play this complete, ive been following the development since the beginning of the year <3

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Maybe there could be three gender options? Male, Female, and Gender Neutral. I really like the sleepover arc, so I'd hate to remove it. But maybe there could be something similiar with a few of the players friends. They can be gender netural or maybe a mix of boys and girls?

There's a route slection menu at the begining of the game, where the player can pick from 'Teen Route', 'Adult Route: Shinso', or 'Adult Route: Aizawa Hawks and Dabi'. In Shinso's route, I plan to have him save the player. I did desiced that his Pro Hero name would be 'Conductor'. And there's a scene where the player says, "Thanks for saving me, Mr. Conductor."

I don't think the game's going to take much longer. After this Childhood Friend Event, it'll be smooth sailing with a bunch of cute interactions with the dateable characters. I still have to wait on ost's, sprite's, and backgrounds for the game. I'm not going to release it until all of those elements are in the game.

It won't take too long. The adult routes are going to be simplier and shorter than the teen route, so it won't add too much development time :).


sure, if this doesnt add too much time for the final game :D the sleepover arc doesnt need to be removed at all, even with gender neutral player

hmmm yeah thats interesting

i sure hope it doesnt take long lol really excited!

thx for the work! <3

i have a question, when you will do the next updates, do I uninstall and reinstall the game or will it update automatically? (I have windows 10)

i redownload the game and exclude the old one, my game doesnt update for itself and its window 10 too