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Hello! I broke you game :) 

Birb ate me while I spat my last seed then this happened. NO BIRB WILL TAKE ME ALIVE!!!

Jokes asides. The game is very calm and plays heavily on chances. I'm a bit impatient and spammed my seeds and weeeeee! I go flying off the distance. legitimate run, I got 138 meters, spamming seeds, I got 859 meters.

I think what would be cool is if there are some upgrades that increase the chances. 

Also, based on probability,t he chances of going really far away is slim.  I'd say the average is about 50 meters. Now, if we increase the odds by strengthening the winds a bit the farther we go, that would increase the average distance.

Or maybe at the first try, make the odds in the players favor to entice them to play more. then hit them with bad luck. When they get hit too much by bad luck, hit them again with some good luck to make them feel happy again.

In short, my suggestion is control the randomness. Casinos do this.  It really works. You already did a good job with the aesthetics to keep the players glued. Add in a bit of controlled random magic and your all set!

Also, congrats, I think all 5 people from the post jam rated your game :)