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I'm on 0.70a, I went into fullscreen but am unable to get out of it. I'm also unable to use commands like Ctrl-1 or Ctrl-4, but I didn't try before going full-screen so am unaware.

Incidentally I can't find the Game workspace because the program is stuck in this state, what would be a good place to look in on MacOS so I could try deleting it/otherwise resetting the state of the app?

Strange, I've seen some issues where it would get stuck in full-screen but you should be able to use Ctrl shortcuts. I'll try to do some more testing. Email me directly at makegames@pixelvision8.com and maybe I can send you a special build that resets the full-screen flag so you can exit out of it.

In a future build, this will be part of the settings screen to get you out. Maybe I'll move that up to the next release.