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Man that's great. I was impressed by the whole collection, especially some of the tracks, it really can create needed tense/atmosphere in the game. Consider making something like that for medieval fantasy setting, would be nice. Definitely will use these tracks in future projects if it fits the atmosphere.

By the way, can you specify if it's necessary to mention you? Like, I'll definitely do that, but it will definitely be helpful and will increase usage of your tracks. Not to mention this way you won't need to reply dozens of people asking for permission.

Hey Chappi! (sorry for my late answer)

A lot of Thanks for your comment & feedback! :) Was very good to read. 

I hope you find all the loops very useful in your future peojects. Please don't forget to send me if that's finished!

The answer to your question: it's not necessary but I'm happy if people do this and don't forget about me ( I always really appreciate it :)

Thanks for your honest comment and your useful tips & advices! Here is the > license information if you are interested.

Hey, you know what, is there a way I can contact you? Maybe Discord, else email would be fine.

Yes! Good idea! Its's 

I'm waiting for your mail ;)