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I'm really glad you replied, I'm not even sure why exactly haha
At the time I wrote the first comment, I haven't even heard to these loops, but I was sure its quality were high, just from what I saw in your other works. And boy, was I correct or not ^^

After I commented some hours ago, I went to listen to some of the loops, and around the number 10 I was like "but there isn't any bad or bad-ish music here? Gosh!". At some point, I kept listening for one loop for about one hour! Don't even recall which one was, but I was doing my stuff and kept listening to it without even noticing. So from my point of view, they're not anywhere near "horrible".
When I've read your reply, I made sure to go back to the loops and 1) listen to all of them (I stopped around the 20, before), and 2) write you about the parts that I did and did not like very much, So as you like feedbacks, here's mine, by file names:

My favorites and how they felt to me: 3 (mistery-ish), 7 (sci-fi derpiness lol), 8 (hi-tech infiltration), 15 (some co-op infiltration in the afternoon), 18 (sounds like a dialogue before a plot twist haha), 30 (something directly from a meme), and the numbers 9, 10, 11, 16, 21 and 26 (they reminded of some ps1 crash bandicoot's themes). My least favorite was the 20, because it sounds very intense all the time, so this one I'd use more sparringly... I'd still use it, though :D
And that's it, about the feedback I have ^^

About the really honest part, I understand that it's hard to handle some comments at times, and it's ok. Our colleague was minimally polite, some people are not even that, and these are the hardest ones to deal with. But I have 2 views about these kind of situations, 2 commentaries if you will. The first one is that some people doesn't even deserve a reply, you know? They simply want to watch the world burn, and it's not mentally healthy for us to argue, in such cases. And the second is, I don't know how self-aware you are about that, but for your reply to our colleague I could notice that you seem to have a nicely developed emotional intelligence, to a point where you replied very kindly to a not-so-nice-to-read comment, and it was awesome! Haha :D (and because of that, if I had to guess, I'd say you're at least 30 years old, just from the maturity you showed).

As a suggestion, if you want to do some longer loops later, it's okay too, but in my opinion, you could mix them up, then! Some short ones, and some longer ones, because I really liked these shorty short ones haha <3

The things I said before is still true, okay? Keep taking care of yourself, physically and emotionally too, and keep doing this outstanding job you always does. And just as a reminder, as everyone needs to be reminded of it once in a while, I'd like you to watch this video, when you can :)
I know, my reply is already long as it is, but I think it'll be worth it haha

See you around, bro :)


God Bless You Mate! 

You have great heart! Keep it up! 

And a hundred thanks for your long & honest comments! 

Have a very nice day! :)