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okay, i just watched riskrim play that game and now i want to tell you, whats wrong with it. please read this comment to its end, because i liked the game till i realised how bad balanced it is.I will try to give advices to how to improofe the game. But please, dont say its worth 50€/60$. Becasue it is not. Defenetly not.

Like risk says in his video, the rng events are the worst. You cant get past some of them without loosing a survivor guaranteet (the snake bite, the sicknesses, the wolfes and i will add the man in agony because beating him is a mostly luck based event). You need to add qicktime events to rescue the survivor! Its just frustrating the way it is right now.

Then, as far as risk played the game, there is no way in getting the demon with the story and let me tell you why: to obtain/keep the demon baby Giselle needs to be dead. But she will always die as second, after Boris. If Giselle and Boris are dead, Helene is the last one. But between this scene and the castle titan are too many ultimate death events which will defenetly kill Helene so you loose the game without ever seeing the next demon event.

Next: the trainer addon. It doesnt work. After the first boss you loose all of your 99 lives and cant progress in the game with the trainers help becasue well the lives are gone. 1-2 snake bites or the man in pain and you are gone. Please fix this.

I want to tell you, I like the playstyle. Risk says is very wario ware like and thats awesome. 

Please, you need to play your own games before publishing them. This way you can see, they are not beatable and you will find errors and unfair rng events before people buy this game for money and get frustrated.

You're right, QTE would be a good idea to give the player a chance to save an endangered refugee.
I know it's very hard to have the demon with you because there should only be Helena left, and it's true that they always die in the same order.

Spoil: If Giselle is alive she will drown the baby demon ... So she has to die before but it's hard to survive with only Helena ... unless I do the QTE you told me about ...

Yes, the boss sucks your lives before leading the fight but the trainer version is still much easier, especially thanks to the 99 spare wheels! However, this is not what most often leads to game over, but rather the fact that we no longer have a survivor in the team ... It would be a good idea that I lower the difficulty when there is no more than Helena so that we have a better chance to see her baby demon grow up and help you with the fights.

I am currently making the platformer version of this game that the backers of the kickstarter campaign asked me to do and it's really a big game in terms of graphics, so I don't know when I will have the time to make the modifications with QTE on this first game to make it less hard ...

I therefore advise you to buy this game only when it is on sale because it is true that there would be modifications to be made in terms of the balance of difficulty ...Unless you want to help me raise funds so that I can make "Across the demon realm 2, the platformer" a better game. Anyway, I put all my efforts in this second game so that it really becomes the idea that I have in mind and that I can present you a playable demo of this platformer version before winter. I hope that Across the demon realm will become a platformer game series, this second game will be the first of what I would like to become Across the demon realm saga :)