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Demo is adorable. I'll probably buy this.

Some notes:

- needs a skip text button for replay value
- needs a pause button (can't leave computer during convos due to dog events)
- no way to save the game?
- difficult to understand how to complete dog events (why is petting rapid clicking instead of stroking?)
- i do not understand how to consistently feed my dog (i keep failing the task)
- mailbox shows (!)  even though all messages are read
- short time frame for dog events, frustrating since my mouse is bad (how can i run out of time to pick up after my dog?)
- clicking improperly for dog events results in clicking through text. i keep missing dialogue because the game thinks i clicked the text instead of on my dog (mostly for the tugging event, which seems to have a really small hitbox)
- pawsonal time shows wrong level
- demo doesn't have a quit button

Waiting for the Steam release!

These issues are fixed in the release build - the demo was an early beta, but we appreciate the feedback. :) Thank you for playing!

Good to hear, thanks!