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Switcheroo... so hard! it took about 100 goes and even then the time is 1.29 It was the target of 1.09 when I got to the chain lift switch. of those 100 goes only 3 times have I got through the big plunger.

He he, the plunger is a pretty tight fit. It's one of very few things in the game I can't now do every time, even after testing for hours.

I've actually been considering whether to introduce an "easy" mode. Like, the same levels but with some of the obstacles removed and some timings changed to make it a bit more accessible. If you've played Super Meat Boy you'll know about the "dark" levels. Same idea. I think some of my designs are maybe a bit too "dark" as standard, but I don't want to remove the challenge for better players.

Well, congratulations! It took me a good 20 or more tries just to not get whacked in the backside by the first switch...