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Btw, after playing recently, I think that durability perk bug  I reported before is perhaps not really a bug but just the perk working extremely well. The first time I noticed it, I thought it was locking the durability with certain stances being used, but I think that was just circumstantial and I just happened to start loosing durability when I changed stances. I've been paying more attention to the durability of weapons with another playthrough and noticed the stance doesn't seem to really affect the chance of no durability loss, though it does seem like weapons can last for a pretty long time. RNG seems to be playing a big role here and the possible outcomes are very odd ends of the spectrum: in one fight with the perk, I can equip and fully use up a weapon before the same fight ends, and in other scenarios, it can take several consecutive fights totaling dozens of attacks before I loose just one point. So I'm not actually sure if durability is actually getting "stuck" at all.

Thanks a lot for the clarification. From what you describe it certainly sounds like the RNG is all over the place, I'll look into it.